Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2BuxMall opens for testing

Today, April 18th, 2007, the 2BuxMall opened for testing. A group of testers were emailed invitations to set up test Stores, test the commenting system and test the money exchange system. A few users have created accounts and a few bugs have been identified and fixed already. Thanks to all who have been interested in this project.

Here is the 2Bux Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as they stand today.

What is 2Bux?
2Bux is an online application that helps videomakers make money from their favorite activity - making videos! Users of the 2Bux website can set up Stores that show items they have for sale. They can also use the 2BuxAuction system to sell viewing rights to their videos. Users can progress in the User Level system by meeting certain requirements. Each Level brings new privileges! Transactions in the 2Bux system are paid with 2Bux Money. 2Bux Money can be Added and Withdrawn with a user's PayPal account. Anyone can visit the 2BuxMall but only 2Bux Users can create a Store and use the other parts of the system. New Users can join the system by Invitation only.

What is the 2BuxMall?
The 2BuxMall is one central place for videomakers to tell the community about things they may have for sale. Videomakers create and customize their own Stores. Each store has an "About" area, a place for Links to other websites and a list of Pictures of items for sale. Optionally, a Store may have a PayPal Donate button. It may also have a video which further explains the Store and the items for sale. In the future, we plan to offer Digital Downloads from 2Bux Mall Stores. This will allow users to sell music and e-books from their Stores. 2Bux Mall Stores can be visited by anyone on the internet.

What are 2BuxAuctions?
2Bux Video Auctions allow videomakers to sell viewing rights to exclusive videos that they create. This is done using an auction-like system. The videomaker Lists their video on our site, and chooses the Minimum Price that they want to sell the video. This Price is known only to the videomaker. Bidders place anonymous Bids ($2 or more) on the Listings. The Bids are the Maximum that a Bidder will pay to see the video - their Bid is this amount, and all lesser amounts. For example, a $5 Bid is also a $4, $3, and $2 Bid. Listings last one week. During that time, if the number of Bids at any amount times the number of Bids at that amount exceed the videomaker's Price, funds are transferred and the video is unlocked for viewing by the winning Bidders. Winning Bidders can watch the video here on 2Bux for 30 days after the Listing has been completed. The videomaker agrees not to post the video anywhere for one year. After one year, they can do what they want with the video, including Listing it again on 2Bux. Listers and Bidders must have a 2Bux account to List and Bid on videos. Accounts are available by invitation only, from current 2Bux users.

What are 2Bux User Levels?
Users of the 2Bux Mall and 2Bux Video Auctions are able to move up in Level. Certain requirements have to be fulfilled in order to advance in Level and certain benefits are given to users who reach each Level. Requirements include length of your membership, number of users invited to 2Bux, funds in your account, amount added to your account, number of transfers from your account and number of Video Auction Winning Bids. Benefits include Store Customization options, Commenting privileges, number of invites that you can give to new users, cash bonuses, commissions on exit fees from those users that you have invited to the system and possibly even stock in the 2Bux company.

What is 2Bux Money?
Users use 2Bux Money funds in their account to Bid on videos, buy items within the system and give to other users. Money can be Added to, and Withdrawn from, your account through a PayPal account. We credit your account with the full amount of your addition. Any PayPal fees accessed to us are paid by us and are not passed along to the user. For example, if you use PayPal to pay us $20, your account is credited with the entire $20. Money can be withdrawn from your account and added to your PayPal account. We charge an exit fee to pay for site expenses and to fund the cash bonuses and commissions that you can earn at various User Levels. If you Withdraw less than $100, we charge a 20% exit fee. If you Withdraw $100 or more, we charge a 10% exit fee. The amount of a Withdrawal, minus the exit fee, will be credited to your PayPal account within one week of your request. PayPal may charge additional fees. There are no transaction fees when you use money from your account in the 2Bux system. If you use all of the money that you add to your account, or earn from your 2Bux activities, you will never pay any fees at all. Fees are only accessed when you Withdraw money from the system.

How can I become a 2Bux User?
You must be invited to become a 2Bux User. You can be invited by the 2Bux administrators or by a current 2Bux User. If you want to become a 2Bux User, please email Kenny.

I have more questions. How can I get them answered?
Please check our blog. If you still have questions, please email Kenny.

What is the best way to find interesting YouTube videos?
Visit YouTubeStars!

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