Friday, May 25, 2007

2BuxMall testing progress

The 2BuxMall has been in testing for about a month now. Store owners are able to set up links to websites and to items they have for sale. Store owners can put PayPal buttons on their Stores and money can also be transferred internally from one user to another. Store owners can customize the Background Image and Colors of their Store. Next week, we'll add the ability for Store owners to put any kind of ads on their Store. All proceeds from these ads will go directly to the Store owners.

The video auction system has been tested. Users have been able to upload videos and auction them off. Other users have been able to Bid on videos and watch them when and if they win the auction.

The ability to buy and sell MP3 songs has been tested. Users have been able to upload MP3s and provide a Title, Description and Price for each one. Other users have been able to buy and download MP3s.

Certain parts of the Level system are being tested. Internally, we are testing a new method to upload files that are larger than 4MB in size. Soon, we'll add the PayPal plumbing so users can get real money into and out of the system. After that is tested, we should be ready to open!

Huge thanks go out to all of our wonderful testers! I hope you all have a great holiday weekend!

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